Report 1

Dear reader,

I can imagine you are very impatient to hear about the adventures of our "Euro-biker" Europafietser in Dutch (OK, this is your first Dutch lesson!).
For the time being, we (his family) can only write you a small resumé of the last few days. Ewan hasn’t yet been able to write anything on the Internet, but could just spare us a few lines on a postcard and the odd telephone call.

So after weeks of poor weather, on a bright and not too chilly morning family, friends, our Lord Mayor and parish priest gathered together at the Lubbeek scouts' locals.
A cup of coffee and a sandwich was maybe just what the scouts needed after a very short rest following their wild!? party which had probably ended only a few hours beforehand.
Luckily Ewan had left the party at a decent hour, wearing the super T-shirt the scouts had embellished by their signatures and the text " Ewan do your best and your legs will do the rest!" After an obligatory photo session and a small speech Ewan set off.
"See you at the end of October" he shouted and off he went surrounded by the cheering friends and relatives. First stop that night was Dinant ….

This week our cyclist made his way through the French Champaign region –Cheers! - and leaving behind The French "Massif Central" he is heading for the Mediterranean. A bit difficult to find any campsite that was open, so I presume he had to use all his charm to find a comfy bed!

More about this next week!


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