Report 2


Dear readers,


As promised we try to get a weekly report on this website. We hoped to receive an E-mail from Ewan but up till now he has not been able to do this.
So I hope you won’t be disappointed if home base gives you some more information.

Today is Sunday, March 17th en yesterday evening we received a rather long telephone call from Ewan –the lucky one, he doesn’t have to pay our bill! -
Guess what. Not only is he already enjoying splendid weather, but also managed to cycle through France into Spain without getting wet!
Today he’s visiting Barcelona, and if we can believe the news he won’t be the only one this weekend.


So, let’s recap on what happened this week:

On Saturday March 9th, he cycled from Vichy –Uh! Have you ever tasted the mineral water there? – to Aubenas in the French Ardèche region. A bit exhausted after the daily kilometres and ravenous as always he arrived at another closed camping place. Once again he used his charm and found thus a resting-place for the night (for more details contact Ewan).
Nîmes and... left behind, bad weather reports on the Pyrenean forced him to cross the Spanish border at the coastline. 11 days have gone by since he left home and now there’s no more ‘Bonjour’ but ‘Buenos dias’ Via Toss Del Mar and enjoying a melting ice cream he settles for Palmas on the Costa Brava.


Hordes of cycling aficionados are now surrounding the once lonely cyclist in the French countryside.
I bet he’s got already tanned calves!


Hasta la semana proxima.


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