Report 4
NATURE AT ITS BEST - Week 2 from March 10 to March 15


The second week of my trip is one to discover nature at its best ! I continue via the French Massif Central where I get surprised by the sun. Suffering a minor sunstroke I almost loose all my strength, fortunately at the front door of a generous family. As they provide me with a meal I’m impressed once more by French hospitality !

Talking about nature, this week I’m heading for the Gorges d’Ardèche. Those of you familiar with the region, will associate it with cheering youngsters canoeing on the river but in March the only living creatures joining you for lunch are ……… goats !

The Camargue well known for the horses and birds is flooded with sunshine and provides me with loads of energy I will need to cross the Pyrenean.
It’s a pity though I can only enjoy their magnificent scenery from a distance as poor weather forces me to enter Spain at a more level border crossing.

Till next time!





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