Report 5

Dear reader,

If there’s one Spanish expression Ewan has learned about this week it’s "La Semana Santa". He’s in Andalucia and all around him people are preparing for the Easter holidays. The Spaniards enjoy their first holiday of the year, they participate in processions and take the barbecue out of the garden shed. Here in Belgium we’re enjoying a very sunny Easter holiday but Spain is suffering from more than one rainy spell!
Ewan is enjoying a very pleasant Easter weekend as he’s seeing some friends this weekend: the De Smedt family from our local village! Mum Marianne took some snapshots and is eager to let you know about their meeting!

The Alpujarra region in Spain looked like the perfect spot to go camping for a week, so the six of us headed for Spain! From Granada onwards very steep hills made our engine groan! I wonder what sound Ewan produced to get on top of these naughty mountains loaded with bags and camping gear!
We were expecting to see a very thin and exhausted skeleton, the remainder of what once was a very promising Lubbeek athlete, put Ewan surprised us with the opposite: a tanned healthy young man, funny and humorous! Maybe he looked a bit hungry, we thought and this turned out to be the understatement of the year: he was ravenous. So we supplied him with loads of bananas, loafs of bread , chicken and curry and look his appetite was satisfied!

It was very nice to spend a few days camping with Ewan. He was full of stories and very enthusiastic.
On arriving we got a briefing on the local shops: where to find the butcher’s, baker’s and supermercado. Who would have predicted that like a full-fledged housewife he would be commenting on the quality of washing powder and the latest recipes! Together we took a walk to a local health spring: the water contained so much iron that it tasted after it. If that won’t help him to get over the mountains nothing will.
Ewan, we wish you a fulfilling and safe journey and enjoy your bike.

Marianne Costeur.



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