Report 8
TILTING AT WINDMILLS - Week 6 : from April 9 to April 13

Hello all of you,
On leaving Andalucia I cross one of the loneliest regions of Spain. Travelling from Cordoba to Toledo (322km) in two days means cycling through endless scenery till sunset.
On a hill in the distance I can see some windmills. We are of course in Castilla La Mancha. That’s where Don Quichote, the lonely cavalier, wandered around on horseback (lucky fellow – that was of course a long time before bikes had a puncture!).

Taking a break in the middle of a small village market place I see that the local school is out. The children gather together and I have to answer the most versified questions. My knowledge of Spanish only permits me to tell them what my name is and where I come from. The most adventurous one risks a cautious glance in the direction of my bicycle, but as soon as I take one step forward the children disperse and run towards their homes.
They definitely are scared about that unfamiliar foreign cyclist.

After the monotonous panoramas of the last few days Toledo is a complete surprise: the historical centre lies shining on a hill above the Taag. The day after I take a day off. I leave my bicycle on the camping site and take the bus for a citytrip to Madrid.
Taking the obligatory snapshots I feel like just another ordinary tourist carrying nothing more than a camera.
Back in Toledo I continue exercising my photographic skills and even consider for a while to become a professional photographer! Still, I’d better wait for the result of my "Toledo by night" shots!

Most of the evenings I get invited for a drink and a chat. A Gin tonic means my hosts must be British, a beer, surely some Belgians and a " zju dranzje "… right …. they are Dutch, and as the Dutch say ……… Doei ! !


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