Who and What?

Dear reader,

First of all, thanks for joining us on our trip through Europe. As you probably don’t know much about Ewan, maybe you heard about him through friends or who knows, maybe you’ve just met him on his way through Europe a few days ago, we’d better start by telling you a bit more about his adventure.

Further on this website there are some newspaper cuttings introducing his "trip" but unfortunately for you they have all been written in Dutch.

Therefore I’ll try to give you the main ideas in this abbreviated version.

I think the idea of touring Europe grew when he was still a toddler racing around the house on his tricycle.
Ewan (always full of energy) became very interested in cycling and geography.
On holiday in Austria, France, Switzerland or Italy, no mountain was too high for Ewan! Whenever he saw one, he had to get on top of it! Climbing or cycling! So you can imagine that after a few years his Dad had to do his utmost to follow him and his brothers on their « outings »?
As for me, his Mum, well I preferred the valley and my good books. No point in trying to climb behind the four of them!
At the age of 11 he cycled to the top of the "Mont Ventoux", so well known for the "Tour de France".
That’s where he discovered his real passion for cycling.

Since his childhood Ewan (who is now 20 years old) has been a very active scout. Taking part in scout camps and learning survival techniques, first as a child and later as a scout leader himself, has prepared him well for this trip.

For years Ewan has been saving up to fulfil his dream. The real planning started in September, and because he wanted reliable equipment he began his search for sponsors (Click Partners).
He contacted the local TV station ROB and TV-Lokaal (on the Internet only). (Click Ewan's vertrek op TV-lokaal).
National Radio 2 had an interview with him which was also broadcast on Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal. Several newspapers printed articles about him (Click Media) and thanks to iWeb (Click Partners / iWeb) he is now able to share his adventure with you on this website.

So now, Ewan is setting off on his dream of a lifetime.
In the course of 8 months he hopes to cycle through 24 different European countries.
He plans to do about 100 kilometre a day, and has made an itinerary (Click Itinerary), which may vary due to weather conditions or places of interest.
As he is travelling on a budget he’ll sleep in his tent and will prepare his meals himself.

If all goes well, at the end of October 2002 his "speedometer" will indicate a total of 21.500 kilometres!

So we’ll keep you posted!
There’ll be a weekly report on his travels, either written by his family (based on a few phone-calls and SMS) or by himself (via postcards or by E-mails, or taped telephone calls)( Click Reports).


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